CIC-C3d MicroVue

ELISA Circulating Immune complex

Productname CIC-C3d MicroVue™ Quidel®

Raji-Cell-Replacement                                                                            Quantification of circulating immune complexes with C3 Activation Fragments

Cat-No. A002
Range 5 - 48 µg Eq/ml
Sensitivity 4 µg Eq/ml
Incubation time 2 hours
Sample volume 10 µl (dilute 1:50)
Sample type

Serum and plasma

Sample preparation

All specimens should be collected aseptically. Do not heat-inactivate the specimens. Samples may be stored on ice for up to 6 hours.
For longer periods store below -70 ºC.

Reference values

Normal     ≤ 15 µg Eq/ml
Abnormal ≥ 20 µg Eq/ml




Immobilized monoclonal anti human C3 fragments capture C3d containing immune complexes.

Tests 96 Tests
Method ELISA
Product informations - Literature: Complement Diagnostics (pdf-File 1,850 kb)
- Kit Instructions (pdf-File 218 kb)
- Cross-reaction all species (pdf-File 71 kb)
- Datasheet (pdf-File 438 kb)
Intended use

The CIC-RCR Assay is designed for the detection of circulating immune complexes (CIC) in human serum
or plasma. CIC have been measured in a variety of conditions: infections, autoimmune disorders, trauma and neoplastic proliferative diseases. In addition the measurement of CIC can be important for the
evaluation of certain forms of rheumatoid arthritis and for monitoring the effectiveness of therapy.

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